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  1. silveroxide

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    Over 200 hundred years and still going strong. Happy birthday to Americas Finest, SEMPER FIDELIS. And good night to Chesty, wherever you are.
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  2. Ron Caudillo

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    As a retired Air Force member, I have a LOT of respect for other branches of our Nation's Military. I SALUTE you MARINES!!!!

    The inter-service rivalry is fun to needle each other about but when it comes down to what really matters, I believe we all service members appreciate each other.

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  3. subnuke

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    I live fairly close to the main Harrier training base in NC and usually see them on Friday and Saturday. I guess they are practicing deployment. Would love to see them today but they are probably taking a break for the birthday. I would love to make a net for my roof that says "Go USMC." Happy Birthday USMC. Oh yeah, some lucky Marine at Camp Lejuene will have a date with Rhonda Rousey tonight.
  4. zathros

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    My family has had many members in the USMC. Happy birthday, may your troops be forever watched over. :)

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