Halo Ships #4: Covenant Dropship

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by RocketmanTan, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. RocketmanTan

    RocketmanTan Well-Known Member

    The latest ship from the Halo Ships series is the Spirit class dropship used by the covenant navy. The ship was first seen in Halo Combat Evolved, though the Phantom class of dropships appears to have largely replaced the Spirit.
    For those of you who are unfamiliar with my Halo Ships series, it is a series of model of Hako-Style Halo ships. These models are quite simple in both assembly and design.
    This model seems to be quite a challenge. Hopefully, I can pull this off :mrgreen: Wish me luck!

    --Bryan "Opposite over Adjacent" Tan
  2. deniper

    deniper Member

    well good luck to you

    im looking forward to seeing what comes of this
    i liked the tuning fork troop transport.

  3. papermonster

    papermonster New Member

    I'll be waiting with cravings
  4. drifter83

    drifter83 New Member

    well good luck with your build...
  5. zwave343

    zwave343 the human lazor

    since you havent posted any thing, ill do it then!game on rocket!
  6. MTK

    MTK Active Member

    You've shown some fine work here. Waiting to see more. Thanks for your efforts.:thumb:
  7. zwave343

    zwave343 the human lazor

    to mtk

    just so you know rocket man has given up on this project he told me, but i will endeavour to (yay! i used the word endeavour!) post a template of the ship soon.
    keep on waving!:mrgreen::cool:
  8. zwave343

    zwave343 the human lazor

    template avaiable!

    this just in
    i have completed the covie spirit dropship template proto type and it is avaiable for free.
    no download!
    no wast of data!
    just shoot me an email at samwave343@Gmail.com or send a private message with request.
    also pillar of autumn prototype is also avaiable
    keep on waving!:cool:

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