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    And the second model the postman brought is the Halinski Jak-1b. Again - standard Halinski size. This model has 'only' 3 pages of parts, plus 2 pages of formers. 2 of the pages have some parts printed double sided, with the 3rd page being the back page of the kit.
    Moduni.de lists this kit as having 750 pieces. Of course there are the typical pages of computer-generated build diagrams, although this kit didn't come with an English instruction insert (email already sent to the supplier to see if they have one).
    The printing on this kit looks really nice, but it makes me wonder what kind of discount the Russian army got on smurf-blue paint given the bulk of the model, inside and out, is this color. I'm actually thinking that the 'bland' (IMHO) painting on the cover doesn't do this kit justice, and that this will be a really awesome looking plane when it gets built.
    I did cheat a bit and also ordered plastic canopies for this model, the Mustang D and the Spitfire that's sitting near the top of the build list.

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    And the last couple pictures:

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    Very nice! I wonder if its to scale you can put papa smurf in the cockpit :D

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