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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by mikeymike1955, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. mikeymike1955

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    Greetings fellow modeler's:
    Ok put your thinking caps on,I am trying to locate the following kit
    from Gunter Car Co.
    Engine Co.54 it's a 3 piece kit,2 brownstone's and the firehouse.
    Any thought's of were to purchase.Seen 1 on evil bay but missed it:curse:
    Now my search continue's threw forum's
    Hope you all can help direct me in the right path.
  2. gbwdude

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    Otger than using your favorite search engine, evilBay is probably the best place to search for model railroading goodies. Just recently I went through some old issues of MR and found a engine house I want, but there were few results on the web and none on eBay. I'm probably going to follow Bill's footsteps and scratch a stone enginehouse, using techniques that he used to build the Union Station.

    Best of luck,
  3. cradoc

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    Gunter car company

    I have just got into model railroading. I an Engine Company #54 still in the box. I doubt very much I will be using it as I have tons of other stuff and I am just setting up.I have a question thought I have six different engines with one having DCC CONTROL.should I set up from the start with DCC? Seems the way to go but somewhat complicated for a beginner like me.
  4. tankcarsrule

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    Believe it or not, DCC is much easier than DC, and much more fun to operate. I would recommend MRC as the one to go with. The price is right, and it's the simplest to set up and run. Our club has been using it for four years without any problems.
    When I say easier, I mean wiring. You don't have to have blocks with lots of togel switches

    Regards, Bobby
  5. cradoc

    cradoc New Member

    Thanks I have been doing a little more research and most the engines I have have the dcc on board already so I will be going with the DCC. I will check out the MRC you recommend. Thanks.

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