Gulf Gas Station

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    I started this project with a mission. Scratchbuild a gas station as close to the model as possible. After browsing for days, I came across this picture.


    I made my best guess estimates at the structure and window sizes, and drew out my plan. I had to kit bash some windows to make them look right, but eventually ended up with something I liked. Now, it didnt turn out completely like I wanted it too, but it sure as heck turned out allright. This was going to be my time travel challenge, but seeing how time ran out before I could finish, I was not able to take part in it. Either way, here are some pics.

    Now there are some details missing, I have some tires and oil high boys, but those are goning to have to stay in the bin until this is put permanently on my future layout. However I did include the light up signs and powered them up for the last picture. Also, to make the photos a little more fun, I picked up some people, and typed up a little story to go along with my creation.

    So here goes:

    Peter Boland bought the Gulf gas station in Kelso Washington after retiring from Union Pacific. For 35 years he served the rail line he loved, the same line that ran no more than 100 yards from the storeroom window. He may have been out of the railroad, but it was not out of him, and the constant reminder of a whistle every couple hours made him smile at the customers he served.

    July 16th 1949
    5:43 AM

    Peter always liked to arrive to the store early. Although it only took twenty minutes to have the place up and running, he liked the time he had to himself to sit on the new boxes of inventory and watch the UP 5511 block the sunrise for a moment and only pierce through between cars as it made it way from the local paper mill with wood scraps and raw lumber. Peter always advertised he was open at 7:30, when in fact most mornings he would unlock the door early so Henry Wilbert could come in during his paper route and have a quick cup of coffee while they discussed the weather.


    July 16th 1949
    12:54 PM

    As he unwraps his sandwich his wife had packed him, Peter looks outside to see the customers coming in. Luckily his assistant Leonard is handling the duties outside, and he smiles at Mrs. Hart as he starts the gas and lifts her hood. The young woman in the driver seat smiles at Leonard and he bumps his head on the hood in surprise. Peter, observing this from the south window laughs himself as he takes another bite.


    July 16th 1949
    8:02 PM

    This time of year it gets dark earlier and earlier, and by nine its pitch black. Peter opens and closes the drawer on his till as he writes down the numbers on a piece of paper which he slips into his pocket and grabs his hat. Today has been good, and he smiles as the locks the door. As he turns to the south he hears the 5511 coming around again, blowing its famous whistle, and he smiles ear to ear.

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    So is this actually in Kelso, or is that part of the fiction?

  3. Play-Doh

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    Totally fiction. Kelso is what I invision when I operate. Im not sure where this Gulf station was/is, I just liked the look of it.
  4. doctorwayne

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    And I like the look of your model of it, too! :thumb: :thumb: Nice work, and a good story line, also. :thumb:

  5. COX 47

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    Nice have nailed a slice of American life...lets see some more of your work....Cox 47
  6. brakie

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    Excellent! Very nice!
  7. spitfire

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    Very cool Play-Doh! :thumb:


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