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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by johnny b, Jan 21, 2006.

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    Does anybody have any segestions on how to make guard /guide rails ? I have some typical western PA roads that run along hillsides in my layout and guard rails are needed. I haveexperimented but have not come up with anything yet. Better yet does someone make and sell these things ?
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    Hi Johnnie! :wave:

    A lot would depend on what era you're modeling, as to what type of gaurd rails would've been used...On rural mountain roads, well into the 1960's & 70's, there was usually no more than a wooden rail, or many times, it would be a heavy steel cable, threaged through heavy wooden posts, sunk in the ground...I wouldn't think either of these would be hard to come up with yourself...If you didn;t want to scratchbuild, some type of commercially available wood rail fence would suffice...If you want the more modern, steel gaurd rails, I'm pretty sure they could be found commercially, or, I was thinking that you could use this stuff made by Evergreen, called "Novelty Siding"'s a corrugated siding, that is a little large to use as N scale siding, but I bet you could cut the corrugations long-ways, & make strips to use as steel gaurd rails...just a brainstorm...I've never actually tried it...(yet ;) )
    Good luck!
    Let us know what you come up with! :wave:
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    Yes I'm going for modern era guard rails . I'll have to look for that stuff you suggested Thanks !!
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    With the corrugated siding, you could take some aluminum/tin foil and rub it down into the grooves, then cut a couple of bumps worth of it off. Fragile, but probably scale.
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    GO STEELERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry had to do that ! :)
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