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    I've obviously been a member here for a while, just lurking. Never posted until now. I'm a pretty big sci-fi fan, I love Star Trek and Mass Effect, but I'm a huuuuge BSG fan, and most of the papercraft I've done is BSG-related. I've done a couple of vipers, a cylon raider, and part of a Galactica I never ended up finishing. I'm still pretty terrible at it, but I've gotten better.

    The biggest thing I've done is a full size pepakura cylon head. The modern ones from the 2003 remake. The initial pepakura part is done, but I haven't gotten around to sanding and painting it yet. Sorry, I haven't got any pictures right now.

    Anyways, I like papercraft since it's pretty cheap and passes the time. Makes me feel mildly productive while I'm watching TV. :wink:

    Happy Thanksgiving, by the way. :thumb:
  2. Experimental Designs

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    Happy Thanksgiving indeed. A Mass Effect fan you say? This is refreshing and also...

    "I'm commander shepard and this my favorite forum on the Citadel"
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    Hey, wecome to the forum! I too am a BIG BSG fan and would love to see some of your builds. So, if you have the chance, please take some pics and post them here. Have fun and enjoy!
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    Im attempting a full cylon sure isnt easy by any means

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