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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by scarmig, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. scarmig

    scarmig New Member

    Introducing myself to the forum,

    I've been paper modeling for a couple of years now, and starting to get more interested in the hobby.

    My introduction was through the model of Serenity from Firefly I found on the internet. It was my first paper model, and took me something near six months to complete. I've since discovered I probably should have started this hobby with a slightly simpler project. Since then I've done several others, and I'm looking to get into larger models, and from there into design.

    We'll see how it goes!

  2. mysteroid

    mysteroid Member

    Welcome Scarmig!

    I did the same thing with my first model. I think it was the Battlestar Pegasus, not a complex model, but definitely a little much for a beginner! Keep at it. I'm looking forward to seeing your builds!

  3. scarmig

    scarmig New Member

    I put up a small gallery of a few of the models I have. Missing are an Eeyore and Wonder Woman I did for my daughters, and probably a few others. A Battlestar Pegasus sounds like a fun project....

    Thanks for the welcome!

    Scarmig Papercraft Gallery
  4. g00se

    g00se New Member

    Wow, nice gallery ---I really like that last couple ---is that a 'viper'? ..anyway, I'm new to card-modeling ---can't wait to build something. I was hoping to find a space-shuttle to start out... Thanks again for posting your pics..
  5. scarmig

    scarmig New Member

    I saw a space shuttle model somewhere recently...

    Some of the payloads they charge for, but I think the actual shuttle models are free.

    If you're interested in real space vehicle paper modeling, there is a yahoo group called Space-Paper-Models. Some amazing stuff in there, include a three-foot tall Saturn rocket that actually comes apart in it's launch stages.
  6. g00se

    g00se New Member

    Thanks!! That is exactly what I am looking for...! :)

    PRO-PAIN New Member

    Hello,i'm from Russia
  8. SSanatobaJR

    SSanatobaJR New Member

    Awesome models! They look great! Sometime in the future I may try a model of Serenity myself. I more of a Star Trek and Star Wars fan myself though. I just love the streamlined look of Starfleet vessels and the giant spaceships of Star Wars!

    Welcome to Zealot!:thumb:

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