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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Eric Ardros, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. Eric Ardros

    Eric Ardros Prop Mountie

    Hey all,

    Just joined here earlier today, after being made aware of VFR's awesomely-done UNSC Pelican Dropship Pepakura model on another forum. Definitely going to get me a download of that file, lol.

    Been an avid modeller for the last twelve years, though my area of expertise may be considered somewhat different from what's seen around here. My main focus is TV & Film props.

    Pretty much Star Trek (Phasers, Tricorders, etc.), although I have begun to diversify my prop collection a bit with some Babylon 5, Blade Runner, TRON Legacy and HALO items thrown into the mix.

    Of the last twelve years I've been in the prop hobby, the last six I've really gotten into scratch-building some of the rarer and more obscure props for my own collection.

    In the last year I've also gotten into the production end of things (molding/casting) to make some of those items also available to others. It's pretty fun stuff once you get the hang of it.

    As far as paper modelling goes, the most I've done to date is a HALO Mk VI Master Chief helmet, and a HALO Reach Kat helmet.

    I also started a small-scale UNSC Pelican Dropship at one point, but didn't get very far with it on account I was confused on some of the parts.

    I find the the Pepakura method interesting, and a good base to work from though I do end up reinforcing\detailing them with prop-related materials in the end, lol.

    Once the site issues with pics and attachments has been resolved I'll see about posting some of my past and present works here.
  2. zathros

    zathros -----SENIOR---- Administrator

    Welcome aboard. We have a few I.T. issues, being fixed as we speak. Welcome to the forum make sure you check out the rules and policies. Many good things are on the way. It is a great time to be part of this forum. :)
  3. Eric Ardros

    Eric Ardros Prop Mountie

    Thanks, zathros!

    I've become aware of the technical difficulties affecting the forums at the moment. In the meantime, I'm just browsing the forums and seeing what all's around here.

    I'll be sure to review the rules and policies, though I imagine they're pretty much the same as on the other ten forums I'm a member of, lol.

    Btw, quick question. Where would be a good place here to post a thread showcasing some of my plastic model work? All I see on the main page is sub-forums for card models and the like.

    EDIT: Just finished reading the rules and policies, and they are what I expected. I've read enough on other forums to know the usual Do's and Dont's. Good to review them anyway, to be on the safe side.
  4. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    Hello and welcome to the forum.
    You have come to the right place for all things SCI-FI. There are many members here (including myself) who are greatly into SCI-FI. So you should fit right in (with no problems).
    There are a few members here who also design SCI-FI props (and yes, some of them can be had here in the DOWNLOAD SECTION).

    By all means post any and all photos of your work. That is (part) of what this forum is all about.

    As for your plastic models, you can post a thread in the "OFF TOPICS" Section to show "What else you do and make", create a gallery on your profile and post them there, or both.

    If you have any questions, comments, concerns, need help or advice. Please feel free to ask, and we will do what we can to help you (or at least point you in the right direction).

    Once again welcome aboard. I hope that you enjoy yourself here.

    I am looking forward to seeing your work.
  5. Eric Ardros

    Eric Ardros Prop Mountie

    Thanks for the warm welcome, Rhaven! Much appreciated ;)

    I've been a huge fan of most things sci-fi for as long as I can remember, so it's good to know there are many like-minded individuals here who share the same interest in that genre.

    Trust me, I definitely plan on posting pics of my past and present projects, as soon as IT has been able to fix the technical issues affecting the forums.

    And thanks for the info on where to post non-paper model builds. I wanted to make sure I didn't post in the wrong sub-forum. Plastic, of various types and forms, is the main medium I use in all my scratch-builds.

    Like I mentioned in my first post above, I have on occasion used Pepakura models as a base, but always reinforce/detail them with plastic later on, lol.

    Anyway, I'll see about posting something in the "Off Topic" sub-forum for starters...
  6. zathros

    zathros -----SENIOR---- Administrator

    What he said. :)

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