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    retired now and loving it
    discovered paper modeling a few years back
    started construction of Schreiber-B0gen Gorch Fock back when I was on graveyard shift and had lots of idle time.
    used office copy paper because I did not know how it would work out. I set it aside for several years when I changed shifts and completed it last winter after retirement. since the hull is copy paper white I named it after it's sister ship the USCGC Eagle and added the racing stripes.

    I am currently building canon creative park's cutty sark, but substituting wooden masts and spars for the folded paper ones in the kit.


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    I commented on your Eagle in another thread. Superb model. Welcome to Zealot. We try and keep this forum open, welcome, and friendly. Welcome, and we, the Moderating staff. are at your disposal if you have any questions. :)
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    Wow, this ship looks great! Welcome to Zealot from me as well! Have fun and enjoy! :)
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    It was so nice of Germany to give us this ship. We are taking very good care of it too. It is in active duty!! :)

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