Greelt's 1/48 Sat V Stage 2

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  1. For all those building Greelt's stack here is the links to the second stage by Frederic Bouchar.

    U N I T E D

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    Apollo / Saturn V. Scale 1:48. Copyright Frederic Bouchar. Stage 2 main body 1. Print on 220 – 240 grams paper. Print 2 copies of this sheet ...
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    Apollo / Saturn V. Scale 1:48. Design by Frederic Bouchar. Inspired by ...
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    Apollo / Saturn V. Scale 1:48. Copyright Frederic Bouchar. Stage 2 backward ...

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    1. [PDF] Position IIII Position II Position III Position I Fin B Fin A Fin ...

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      Position IIII. Position III. Apollo / Saturn V. Scale 1:48. Designed by Frederic Bouchar. Stage 2 Trust structure. Print on 220 – 240 grams paper ...
    You'll need to use Ton's top ring before the interstage and other parts from his second stage to trim it out.
    There seems to be some problems with this link. To get to the downloadable pdf you will have to click on the..."hide more ressults from" link then click on the sections you need, the pdf file should open up from there. At least thats how Igot it to work.. Good luck. :oops:
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    Thanks for the help Closet! :thumb:

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    Pardon my ignorance, but what is the connection between Greelt's saturn V and this one by Frederic?

  4. When I started this I didn't know anything about the paper modeling industry. I didn't know any thing about designers posting great designs and then disappering from from sight before completeing the whole model. I built all I could find by Greelt, I had the first and interstage built, I couldn't have a half complete model laying around so I started a search for anything by Greelt "(and no one has heard from in 3 years)" or any 1/48 scale Sat V, Frederic Bouchar's design was what I found. It's based on Greelt's design, page lay-out, assembly parts, it's easy to figure out without instructions. For instance the interstage between the 2nd and 3rd stage, Greelt's is better, look at Ton's inerstage print out page and compare to Fred's and you'll see what I mean. Don't get me wrong, Ton has some great designs, Ive built several of them and loved them.

    I still had to use Ton's third stage and parts of his second stage to complete Fred's. I also used Ton's SM to top it off. Now I'm building Surfduke's SM to replace Ton's. Theres alot of Greelt fans out there looking for the rest of his model, I just wanted to let people know they can finish this 1/48 Sat V stack with other parts. When I'm finished, this build will have parts from FOUR different designers.

    I used the top of Greelt's first stage tank and cut it down to fit the thrust structure of Ton's third stage, you can see it in the photo, also the very top of the second stage I had to use the top ring of Ton's second to complete Freds because his is missing this part.

    Frankenstien Model !

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    Have you made the heat shield that fits on the 2nd stage engines ?
    I printed the 2nd stage (Frederic Bouchar's) and notice this isn't included,but I found a basic version on the lower hudson site,

    What were the pipes made from (the silver ones) for the engines they look awesome,

  6. I don't build for competition so I'm not one of those that count bolts so I didn't use the heat sheild, once it's in you wounldn't be able to take it out. I also didn't want to cover up all that work.

    The pipes are paper, Greelt's launch pad has pipes, I used those, cut them out, used them as paterns, cutting scrap paper to the lengths needed, then drawing the outline of the ends to get the angles, but I have since learned you don't have to go to all that trouble, if you just roll and glue the tubes then cut them with sizzors it flatens the paper tubes by cutting but you can round back out with a pen or wooden dowl. After making the pipes I twisted phone wire around a long wooden paint brush then slid the wire off the brush and over the paper pipes, then painted, it gives them the courragated look like the pipes on the real thing.
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    Ive been reading between the lines on a few bits,and currently have the cone and the central engine mount made,
    Im not sure how much time Il be having so Il be doing this stage bit by bit,

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    Actualy those pipes,I used some of the left over drinking straws (from the MLP model)
    I just cut several of the wrinkled bendy bits and glued them together,a bit of silver spray and they will look OK,

  9. Thats what it's all about....Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome.

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