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    I know that for many years, grain was shipped in boxcars. I saw a picture on one of Dr Wayne's threads that had a boxcar modified with top loading hatches. I assume this was something done by individual roads.
    When would those modifications have taken place, and when did top loading gondolas come into use?
    I need to increase my rolling stock fleet, and I need to know what would be appropriate for grain shipments in 1949?
    Thanks in advance for the help.
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    I remember grain boxcars in the late 50s. Not sure of any details other than the wooden panel blocking the door - 6" or 8" planks backed with paper.
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    In 1949 grain would have been hauled almost exclusively in regular 40' boxcars. They would have had grain doors added, but these would not be seen if the regular doors were closed. Grain service boxcars modified with roof hatches were relatively rare and, as you said, specific to certain roads. High capacity covered hoppers were introduced in the mid-1960s for grain service but boxcars continued to be use on branches that could not support them through the 1980s on a limited basis.

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    Thanks for the information - I can always rely on this forum for answers, and it sure is appreciated! I will be spending the weekend at at major train show (in Troy, Michigan), so now I know what I need to buy for a grain transport fleet! Thanks again.
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    I gathered by your user name that you were from Michigan, even before I looked at your profile. That's quite a shack in your photo on QRZ!

    Since you're in N scale the easiest way to go about this would be to collect the Atlas 40' PS-1 boxcars. They were introduced on the prototype in 1947 and would still be relatively new on a 1949 layout. These cars are everywhere and cheap and therefore would make a great choice for building a large fleet.

    Also available in N scale, and probably more accurate for grain service as they are older cars, are a number of other 40' boxcar models. deLuxe Innovations offers a 1944 AAR 40' boxcar, Intermountain offers a 1937 40' boxcar, and Red Caboose offers an ARA 40' boxcar and similar Pennsylvania class X-29 boxcar. As they are models of older cars they may be more prototypically suited for grain service as I can't imagine the newest cars being used for this.

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    Thanks for the tips on the cars - I will check those models out and stock up on the older ones.
    I have to admit that I do get a little carried away with the radios - there is barely enough room in my 18' x 36' radio room for the N scale 4 x 8 layout.
    Thanks again.

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