GPM's 1/200 Graff Spee

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Bargee61, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. Bargee61

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    Following the disaster with my build of USS Arizona and a pile of books, I found out that Digital Navy were issuing an updated and revised version so decided to wait until that become available before starting again. In the interim I couldn't resist starting GPM's Graf Spee that I have had sat in the drawer for some months.

    As you can see from the following photographs I have completed the basic hull structure ready to start the plating.

    That's it for now ... back sometime soon,

  2. Bargee61

    Bargee61 Member

    Some more pics. ....
  3. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    Hi Mike

    Great start and a very clean build

    Only two models on the go, I would not worry about it.
    More fun going from one to the other :lol:

    When you get to having seven on the go at one time then worry :roll:
    Arizona, Missouri, HMS Victory, Ki-44, HMS Savage, Polish Train and started a test build on Barry's Eskimo last night. That does not count the small builds that only take a few hours to do, 1/50 - 1/48 planes from Nobi and DeWayne for the local kids.
    I think I might have a card model addiction problem :twisted:

    Have fun with them both and show us how you get on.
    lots of photo's as you build please

    Keep at it looking forward to the rest

  4. bfam4t6

    bfam4t6 Member

    It's nice to see you building again Mike. At least you have a legitimate reason for starting a new model before finishing the one before it.....unlike me :lol: Everything is looking great so far. Are you going to paint the hull again? You did a great job on the Arizona hull. As always, keep us posted. :D

    Rob, boy do I wish I could retire and have all the time I wanted for building models. I'd run out of room in my house before I'd get sick of it.
  5. Bargee61

    Bargee61 Member

    Rob - You need to visit the clinic! I would have to join you though. Lets see, currently have 4 radio controlled boats on the go - Thames barge, Empire Class Tug, Billings Colin Archer and a Footy yacht for the racing at the Weymouth Marine Modelling Festival in July. Oh and then there is the Narrrow Guage Railway layout and two dolls houses required, one for the wife and one for the grandaughter. Bored does not feature in my vocabulary.

    Bfam - I'm aiming to do a better job with the plating than my previous attempts and thus not have to do a cover up paint job. If it doesn't come up to scratch then the paint pot will come out again!

    Take care .... back sometime soon.

  6. Bargee61

    Bargee61 Member

    Well, have finished the lower hull plating and started a light rub down in readiness for a paint job, as you can see from the photos. Not a brilliant job but I will live with it. Will fit the prop shafts, A frames and rudder next, then paint the whole lot an anti fouling colour.

    That's it for now ... back sometime soon.

  7. Bargee61

    Bargee61 Member

    There wont be anything further to add to this thread. Have taken a long hard look at my plating work on the hull had have decided it's not good enough. Therefore I am scrapping this attempt and as soon as I get around to purchasing another kit, will restart from scratch.

    That's all for this one.

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