GPM Shikishima Kit#252 9/2006

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  1. Winky

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    MODEL: Shikishima
    SCALE: 1/200
    AVAILABILITY: Many places; I got my copy from Hobby Factory

    The kit comes with Polish and English instructions. There are 12 pages of detailed instructions, 6 pages to be mounted on thick card, and 16 pages of coloured parts. There are numerous individual parts and the kit is rated 3 on GPM’s difficulty scale. Note that the pictures of the finished model on the back page shows a grey hull which is different than the printed kit. The hull of the kit is black as depicted on the title page. Printing is very crisp and the colours are nicely done although it lacks weathering. Overall, a very nice looking kit. Please feel free to ask any questions about this kit and I will try my best to answer them.

    The Shikishima was one of the Japanese battleships during the Russo-Japanese Wars and participated in all the major naval engagements including the famous Battle of Tsushima. She was commissioned in 1900 and finally broken up as scrap in 1948. Like all the Japanese battleships of the time, she was built in England.

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  2. cdcoyle

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    GPM also produces a substantial set of accessories for this kit, including laser-cut frames, metal gun barrels, and photo-etch sets.
  3. David H

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    And to my knowledge the only British "battleship" still in existence is the Vickers built Mikasa in Tokyo. I think its sad the Royal Navy neglected to keep one... but perhaps I am too romantic.

    (by battle ship I mean 20th century, big gun armed, armoured ship, HMS Belfast is cool but is no Dreadnought!).

  4. Winky

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    JSC has a 1/400 kit of the Mikasa for those interested. It is a much simpler kit and obviously less detailed than GPM's Shikishima. The Mikasa is one of JSC's older kits and I remember having some fit problems with the hull. Nevertheless, it is a pretty decent quick diversion.
  5. JHS

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    The GPM SHIKISHIMA is marvelous! I have the photoetch and metal barrels, too. I am modifying her to her state at Tsushima and repainting her in gray.

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