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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Simon88, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. Simon88

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    Dear All,
    I'm contemplating 'The Beast' (or was that Tirpitz?) for my next project. At 7000 and 3500 pieces respectively the HMV and Halinski kits both sound beyond my ability, available time and patience. At 2000 pieces I think I could manage the GPM but read a couple of disparaging comments on this site. Apart from the (relative) lack of detail is there anything I should know about the GPM kit before it's too late?
  2. DN

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    I haven't seen this model but from what I can read on various polish forums, it's OK. Couple of comments I found about this kit:
    1. To much "valorization" - it's up to you to judge.
    2. Small mistake in placement of the hull side armor - too low.
    3. In the model, some deckhouses have symmetrical sides - port and starboard walls are the same - in reality they should be different.
    Looks like nothing serious.
  3. robson

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    Roman is right, I have both models and they look great.
  4. lgl007

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    When I was deciding which monster to build, the Halinski, GPM or HMV... well the end answer was quite simple...

    1) HMV is a scary thing... for me anyway... SOOOOO many pieces and soooo much detail - it's fightening.
    2) GPM is nice but too many inaccuracies, for instance ther number of forward windows is wrong, many of the stairs aren't long enough to reach the decks below, the scaling on the planes I have been told is off etc. Again all this from mainly reading our Polish sister site.
    3) Halinski is the best compromise of the two... more pieces then GPM, but less then HMV. Historically accurate and very detailed. And fits together like a swiss watch, well so far anyway. I have been told by a few acquiatances that are building it that this superb fit and finish continues throughout the project.

    Remember you can always add the details. You can buy 1:200 scale railings and stairs in Photoetch. YOu can even get the GPM photoetch for the Bismarck (you'll need more piece though since the GPM photoetch is EXTREMELY limited in pieces), and you can always get the barrels from GPM as well.

    So basically I'm building the Halinski version... check my gallery for pics of the build so far.

    Have fun... and get ready for very very sore fingers from the cutting of 2mm thick hull pieces if you decide to go with the Halinski :wink:

  5. Simon88

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    Dear Greg,
    Thanks for the info. A further consideration is that I prefer the 'waterline' style. I know GPM has this option but don't think the Halsinki does - please correct me if it does. I suppose a full-hull could always be made waterline given a suitably sharp implement but I don't want to make this any harder than it already is.
    Inaccuracies I can live with, as long as it's large and vaguely Bismarck-shaped. But I can't stand things that don't fit.
  6. Simon88

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    Hi Greg,
    I've just seen your photos. If the large horizontal former is at the waterline then maybe waterline style is easy.
    Nice Mustang!
  7. lgl007

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    Unfortunately the Halinski edition does not come with a waterline option :( Believe me if I had the choice I would prefer waterline as well. However, if you ever see the "graphics" / "coloration" on the Halinski model it is far superior to the GPM and is miles above the HMV model. I could never understand why HMV makes the teak that was used on decks pale yellow... instead of making it look "teakish." The GPM model is also very attractive... but after looking at both prints I found the Halinski to be of superior quality. Nevertheless the GPM is still excellent and very eye catching... I don't think anyone could pass by either of the GPM or Halinski models and not stop and look... the HMV is easily passed by because it's just so gosh darn bland...

    There are a few things I really love about the coloration of the Halinski:
    1) The teak decks are just wonderful
    2) The bright red, white, and black swastika's on the front and rear decks (as they appeared when the ship was originally built) add a splash of color that just sets the ship apart
    3) The side hull has the bleached out angular camo scheme, that the captain tried to paint over, but the crew only managed one coat
    4) The main guns have the tops yellow as was ordered in the ships logs just days before she was sunk. Again adding a wonderful splash of color.

    So yes, I fell in love with the colors on this edition without doubt, although the historical accuracy of these particular color details can be argued. After all when the captain decided to try and paint over the angular camo the swastikas were by then already painted over on the decks (which was done once they left German occupied waters). As such the yellow topped cannons would also not have been present at the same time as the bright red, white and black swastikas. /shrug... something to think about...

    If you want a really go reference go to:


    Both wonderful sites...

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  9. tino

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    Simon go to the polish forum make search with the word bismarck. You will find what you want.
    Roman, what you mean with to much "valorization"?

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