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  1. The Hermit

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    understood charlie,

    lets see what you think

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  2. The Hermit

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    i made them as true as i could and then used the point to secure it in the other tank side wall

    all said and done it seems to work very well...

    i will go ahead and make some axel swing rods and do some test fitting before any glue is applied

    any suggestions?

    time to go to bed

    more next time
  3. Art Decko

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    I like what I see so far of the graphics for this model - it looks like there is some wear. So many card models appear to have simple "coloring book" style graphics. I'm looking forward to watching how this turns out. Keep up the great work! :)
  4. Jim Nunn

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    I just received my GPM Tiger and looking at the drawings the suspension system builds up very similar to the Halinski Tiger and Panther.

    Using bamboo dowels is a great idea for the torsion rods, that will make the system strong and aligning the bogies to be level should be relatively easy. I would drill/punch holes (I do envy your Japanese paper drill) in the swing arms (parts 3-3b) so that the dowel will fit into the torsion arm. I bet you were thinking of doing that as soon as you decided to use the dowels. Using dowels or paper rods for the bogie axels (parts 49, 50, 56) and fitting the dowels in to the swing arm will insure that the suspension system will support the model and won’t fall apart.

    The real problem is as long as a glued joint is in a shear mode (force applied in the same axis as the joint) the paper, not the glue will just peal away from the joint. Ideally you want paper joints in a compression mode with the force applied perpendicular to the glue joint (god am I nerdy or not). In any event putting a rod through the joint will always keep it from falling apart.

    Jim Nunn
  5. snake7

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    wau! nice model and accesories!
    it will be walk in the park with all this extra stuff
    good luck!
    and looks great until now
    the solution with bamboo sticks is excelent
    i made Tiger from Halinski, so i just put a lot of super glue and white glue on the joinings, so it holds all the weight until now :)
  6. The Hermit

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    i just cant thank you guys enough for the swing arm axel mod

    its working pretty sweet

    and since i just screwed my dating life up till the end of my life
    i now have avalable much more time to model

    so enjoy the pics

    im headed to walmart im gonna pick up a dremel i figure since im now depressed i need to buy more stuff :rolleyes:

    here are the pics of the test fitting of the swing arm axel bamboo mod


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  7. The Hermit

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  8. The Hermit

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    maybe i am making too much work for my self

    but this is seemling to work very well for this so i will reinforce all shafts with bamboo rods

    it will take a bit since each one is custom

    you can see where this is going :twisted:

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  9. OhioMike

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    Great build Hermit! If you dont mind, what kind of adhesive do you use to laminate the printed skin sheets to the thicker frame stock? Thanks again for a great build thread!
  10. misacek

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    Nice clean build . I love your work . :wave:

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