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Discussion in 'On30 Forum' started by ScottyB, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. ScottyB

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    This looks like a fun scale. I was looking for something larger than HO for the basement (would love to do G but $$$$$), and I have a bunch of Atlas code 83 flextrack laying around. Walla -- how about On30?

    Question: I know a lot of guys just use the Atlas flextrack straight up, but how do the rest of you convert it to On30? What is the "proper" tie spacing? I know some remove 1/2 the ties, and others just hand lay. What are the appropriate dimensions of the ties and how much space in between each one? Google turned up nothing...
  2. sumpter250

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    This is from "the On30 Conspiracy" thread in this forum.
  3. hminky

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    According to the C&S Tiem and Timber Spec's book, Quote:
    "The following varieties of timber will be accepted for Narrow Gauge
    1- Red spruce
    2- Yellow Pine
    No White Pine, Whie Spruce of Balsom Fir wil be accepted. No ties
    will be accepted cut from burned or dead timber, except Pinon in good
    condition, which will be accepted if tied fill allother reqirements
    in the specifications
    All ties must be (6) inches thick, (6) inches wide on the face and (6
    1/2) feet long
    ies hewn n all four sides, and also sawed ties muct be (6) inches
    thick, (6) inches wide and (6 1/2) feet long.
    Whe originally built, the C&s 3' gauge used a 19" on center tie
    apacing. After the downgrade of the 3' gauge lines by the C&S to
    branch lines, this was increased to 24" centers. (This information
    according to ICC Valuation data)."

    I found this on a narrow gauge forum. Never put much stock in what is said on "The Conspiracy". Visit my old On30 site at:


  4. ScottyB

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    I've browsed your site before Harold and I like it a lot. I've never read much of the On30 pages until now and you have GREAT info on there. I need to take some time to read it all!

  5. Drmsparks

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    Some people modify the track, some don't. It's really a matter of personal preference.

    For my home layout I use micro engineering code 83 flex track with atlas switches (all ties replaced on switches). 6's on the main, 4's for the logging camp.

    In our module group we use straight up peco code 100 flex track and switches. It's pretty much bulletproof.

    As far as clearence standards go it would depend on what you are modeling. If you a doing a critter line you might get away with tighter clearences but if you are going to run any of the larger equipment you should use On3 clearences. The most important thing to remember is you're working in O scale and everything needs a little more room even though you are still using HO track.

    And lastly, use the largest radius on the main that you can. A lot of the newer products are requiring 22" or greater radius. Our module group chose 26". You can still use a smaller radius but be aware that will affect what equipment you can run.

  6. ScottyB

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    Well, my LHS has ZERO On30 equipment. I have old O scale Lionel locos, so I have a rough idea of the size we are talking. But does anyone have a good comparison photo of HO vs. On30? The shays in particular. Thanks

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