Gorch Fock / USCGC Eagle

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  1. baxter16

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    I purchased the Schreiber model in a second hand store in Port Townsend, WA probably 15 years ago.
    about 5 years later I started building the hull from office copy paper since I was on midnight shift with time on my hands and access to a copier. After completing the hull I changed shift and set it aside until last winter, when I was retired and once again had time on my side.

    since t he hull is white I decided to name it for it's sister ship the cutter Eagle and gave it the cg racing stripes.
    the masts are rolled photo paper and the rigging is button thread. This is my first attempt at paper modeling and was a long but rewarding project.

    I am now hooked on paper modeling


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  2. zathros

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    Wow, that came out really nice! I would have told you to scan the model, and build the scan, preserving the original, in the event of a catastropht. A lot of people don't know that ship was part of war reparations from Germany in WWII. Russia has the sister ship. Great job! :)
  3. thegreek270

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    Well done baxter,

    looks really nice with alternative colours.
    Did you recolour the base too ?
    Mine comes in green. check out picture.

    greetings from greece

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  4. baxter16

    baxter16 New Member

    actually I started the hull and base when I was working ...so it is office copy paper and came out black and white. I colored the bottom and boot topping with black felt pen after it was built and then pasted a new sign on the base.

    yours is very well done in the original colors


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