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  1. rockislandmike

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    Ahhh gotta love that google.

    Just for interests sake, I just typed in the two words predominant in the name of my model railroad (reckless and veiled), and POOF, my website comes out right at the top. And I didn't even officially submit it.
  2. GOOGLEs great. I've switched from as I find the returns seem better and also the descriptions. I've had good luck on there looking for "Shays" or "logging" and "Lumber". The returns bring back a lot of interesting sights....Walt in Indy:p
  3. upguy

    upguy Oregon Western Lines, CEO

    Cool! I just typed in Oregon Western Lines and my website was the first one listed also. :p :D
  4. shamus

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  5. YakkoWarner

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    Professional harmonica player has to be the coolest occupation. I would love to hear some of your music. Do you have anything available in the states?
  6. shamus

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    Hi YakkoWarner
    This was way back in the 1950-78 period, however, I do have a CD of some of my earlier Radio Broadcasts and various other recordings I made in that time period. Plus a 45 EP record which was available in the 1970's, shouldn't think it will be available now. But, that is also on the CD.
    Cheers and thanks for asking, takes me back abit that does. I was on the Radio nearly every week in the 1960's.
    Hence the theatrical approach to my railroad modelling.


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