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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by mummert, Jun 22, 2009.

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    Who makes good steam engines in N scale. I am looking for 2-8-2 Mikado painted for PRR. I want one that will run good and look good. I found one made by model power. Are they good engines or should I look elsewhere. Also looking for PRR passenger cars from the steam era if someone could post a link.
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    Please do not post links to commercial sites. If any member can make a suggestion to mommert, please PM the link to him. I know we all use vendors, and so often those on ebay or elsewhere are unreliable or have questionable quality. Many of our members have found (all too often the hard way) good sources for equipment & supplies and are willing to share with fellow hobbyists. We have a forum here, (Internet Finds) where members can post recomendations. The commercialization of this site was overwhelming until recently. We cannot go back to that. Please refrain from open posting of links to businesses. Thank you for your understanding.
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    Mummert, Hi ! Best I can do for you - looking for specific prototype PRR engines in "N" scale is an exercise in frustration, unless you have some desire to modify/build the models. GHQ, for instance makes a 2-8-2 (PRR class L-1s) conversion boiler/cab/tender cast metal kit to modify a Kato 2-8-2 chassis, a serious but rewarding project! Even in HO (my choice), few affordable PRR steamers are available RTR, and Bowser one of the standby manufacturers, appears to be leaving the market. Some research may find you a close facsimile of an L-2 (mikado 2-8-2) that PRR had a few of - no Belpaire firebox - but you'll have to do research to pick your models, and probably still do some mods to get the details as correct as you desire. Good luck with your quest...and check the Keystone Crossings webring for info on all aspects of the PRR - model and proto . Hope some of this helps. Bob C.
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    PRR coaches can be found by Rapido Trains, they are not out yet...but man they should be the best passenger cars available once released!

    The only Mikado worth mentioning is made by Kato. Con-Cor makes a PRR Northern styled loco, and a PRR badged Santa-Fe 2-10-2.

    The Santa Fe requires quite a few mods for reliable operation... and needs some pretty broad curves so it won't blow side-rods. I know this from personal experience unfortunately.

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