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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by ross31r, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. ross31r

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    Has anyone got a photo of the nose handrail layout of the GO Transit F40PH`s. A guy at my club has got a GO F40 and i am pretty sure that is uses the same Nose grabrail layout as the Amtrak units but he hasnt been able to find a photo of the nose to fit the nose handrails to his unit.

    The handrails we arent sure on are the nose which are fitted to the top of the nose where the units have the black anti-slip paintwork infront of the cab windows.
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    These are copyrighted images that I'm using only for personal use to answer a fellow modeler's question. The copyright is acknowledged on both images, and my use of the images does not constitute any intention for monetary gain.


  3. ross31r

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    thanks mate, thats the sort of nose top shot Chris was looking for!

    Shows it doesnt have the Amtrak style grabs on it.

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