Ghost Posts?

Discussion in 'Railroading' started by RichBohlman, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. RichBohlman

    RichBohlman Railroad Card Modaler

    None of the past posted information is showing in the Rail Cars and Engines section?

    The post titles are visible but when you open a post nothing shows?

  2. MOS95B

    MOS95B Member

    I'm sure Peter is working on it. When the forum first came up, everything was duplicated. Looks like maybe he flipped the wrong switch when trying to get rid of the dopplegangers.

    Stuff will be figured out eventually.
  3. gnAsher

    gnAsher Member

    The problem with missing posts is still here as of today (10 Aug), unless I'm doing something wrong!:mrgreen:
  4. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Rich, I noticed the stickies are gone also. Can you repost them if you have them? I used the one on RR websites a number of times and sure do miss it.


  5. RichBohlman

    RichBohlman Railroad Card Modaler

    SORRY, I don't have a copy of them! :(

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