getting some rain in kansas

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by rogerw, May 6, 2007.

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    thats incredible,i wonder if the bridge was already out when they hit it or if the loco collapsed it.and that fuel tank looked awfully close to getin damaged. but it sure is good nobody was hurt,it looks horrendous.--josh
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    Josh they run coal trains through there all the time Im pretty sure the bridge was in good shap but we have had lots of rain over the last week. the first loco looks like it made it over (kinda) and they said there was no fuel spilled.
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    well it could have been worse,but tha bridge must have been washed out real good by the time this train rolled on it.i couldnt imagine what the engineer was thinking.--josh
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    Did you mean "what he was thinking before he went over the bridge or after it collapsed?" People think in terms of our own experience. If I'm driving my car and see a problem, I hit the brakes. If I see the problem soon enough, I get stopped in time with no accident, if I don't, I don't get stopped in time. The same does not apply to a train engineer. By the time he can see a problem, it is too late to do anything but slow down. A loaded train giong UP Cajon pass at 25 miles per hour takes over 1 mile to get stopped doing a full on emergency stop. Out in the flatlands at higher speeds, it would take longer. The bridge had to be standing when the train started over it, because the first locomotive made it to the other side. Had the bridge been washed out before the train got there, the first locomotive would have gone nose first into the opposite bank followed by the train and no one in the cab would have survived! I bet the train crew had to change their underwear after that one!
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    Look out below
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    I think a lot has to do with where the weather hits compared to where your mainliine is located. A few years ago, before the SF & BN merger, storms in the midwest destroyed much of the Santa Fe main but left the UP main untouched. When a river floods, bridges often wash out. I just depends on whose mainline the flooding hits.

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