getting models from 3D games

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  1. V.I.P

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    Ripping for own use is one thing I guess, where can I get theese tasty programs from?
  2. Bad_Scorpion

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    Hey you're welcome to "rip" away. Just if you are gonna release anything under your name make sure you make it yourself. I'm mentioning this due to knowing some people that have gotten nasty letters from legal groups for copyright infringement. fortunately all I ever got was a note indicating about rights and blah blah blah. But at least the original owner took the time to notice that my model was completely different in many ways but yet still had the same ultimate design. As for where to get tools like this you can just google 3d extraction or 3d rip or similar. I personally have used in the past 3dripper dx. Works very well, and some others that are direct pluggins to 3d apps that I have or use on friends machine. Don't have a listing right now maybe post later.
  3. V.I.P

    V.I.P out for lunch

    Point taken.
    To be more specific, i was just thinking for kids to play with or something similar. :)

    Thanks for info, i found it and will try it. :thumb:
  4. Ghengis Ska

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    I got to try some of these programs, bookmarking this thread...

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