Gas stations in Colorado in 1925

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  1. neilmunck

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    Hi folks,

    Does anyone know what companies sold gas in Colorado in the 1920s'? I'm trying to build a layout there and I have a spot for a small grocers/hardware shop that I want to have a petrol pump outside but I don't know what company would sell the gas.

    Cheers all.
  2. Vic

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    Neil, I model Colorado in the early 30's. I don't ever recall seeing anything on what companies sold gas then or in your era.

    Its probably a good bet that it was Standard Oil though as they were one of the first commerical, nationwide marketers of gasoline. Some others that could be possible were CONOCO, Deep Rock, and Flying "A". Seems to stick in my mind that in the 20's the Colorado oil fields had not been opened up and that it would be logical that gas would have been supplied from Texas as that would have involved the least amount of transportation.

    In the 1920's if you pulled into a general store to get some gas there was a good likelyhood that it was sold in 5 gallon cans rather than from a pump. This was especially true in very rual areas.

    Interesting question and I'll be looking forward to the answers to.
  3. neilmunck

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    this is going to be in a small town and I have a pair of those nice woodland scenics HO scale gravity feed pumps but I didn't think that the Phillips 66 was appropriate for that time and place.

    I think you are correct about there not being any opperating oil fields in Colorado at that time - I have not come across any references to it.
  4. cidchase

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    Hi Neil,
    I stumbled aroud a little and found references to:
    Sinclair Refining
    Continental (Conoco)
    Standard Oil
    and some independents, not all service stations
    were nationally branded.

    Here's one link:
    (Standard Oil station built in 1926)

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  5. jim currie

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    from dated photos in colorado in 30's there were conoco, texaco, mobil, shell, bay, oriental and the apex refinery on eastern slope was opperating selling to a lot on independent stations in small towns. hope this helps;)
  6. RailRon

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    Post Office Pie Town NM in 1940


    I already posted this pic once before, but I didn't find the thread, so here I go again. Perhap you can use it.

    Well, it's not in Colorado but New Mexico, and it's not a grocer shop, but perhaps it could pass for one :D. At least this Post Office had two gravity feed pumps. On the (probably lighted) glass tops it says "Barnsdall Motor Fuel". Perhaps a local brand of gasoline???

    The car must have been the 'official' post bus - note the registration markings on the door. I keep asking me how many passengers they took along with all that baggage! :eek: :eek: :eek:


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  7. spitfire

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    Neil, I've done a fair bit of digging for old gas station logo's and signs. Some of the ones I've found are pretty obscure and although I don't have any historical data on them I do have a bunch of signs on my website that you can download and print.

    Follow this link to the site, then from the menu on the left under "Prototype" select "Commercial" then "Gas Stations", and finally "Cdn/US Logos". You'll see a long list which links you to the actual jpgs.

    Below is a sample.


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  8. neilmunck

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    I love the photo Ron. Seeeing as I haven't built the building yet this would be a great prototype.


    Great logos Val. Whatt period are they from? Varied I assume but companies change their logos regularly which adds to the confusion somewhat.

    Just to warn you - the link to the Red Crown logo is on the blink.

    Thanks everyone:D
  9. interurban

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    Hi Niel, this just in from a pal!!!

    Hi Chris,
    Standard Oil and Phillips seem like the right oil companies. I'll go through my archives and see if I can come up with some more information.

    More later.
    I see you have lots of input know

    :D :thumb:
  10. neilmunck

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    Hi chris,

    It would be quite convenient if Philips 66 was an appropriate company as those are the dry transfers that Woodland Scenics give with the pumps.

    On the other hand - i might go out on a limb and make up signs for one of the other companies. I don't want to have the same brand of petrol as the majority of other early era HO scale modellers!

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