G Scale decoder options?

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by Diezel, Jun 28, 2005.

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    forgive my ignorance in the matter, i'm new to this awesome new hobby :rolleyes:

    I have a Dash-9 G scale loco. I'm a little confused as to what decoder i want/need and how the sound portion will be included. I suppose it boils down
    to what I want the locomotive to do.

    Eventually, it'll be a garden railroad, i haven't laid any track yet. I'm not sure how big the backyard is, so let's just say it's big. I want the diesel to be able to sit still and idle, to be able to rev the diesel engine in idle, and for the engine to "rev" also, as the diesel begins to move. As well, i'd like the smoke to be "blowing out" more when it rev's. All this with the lights of course and any other option i may decide on. Is this possible? if so, which dcc kit (everything) and decoder would be best. Is there a website that lists all the decoders/command stations etc.. pro's and con's?

    something else i'd like to do is basically, i want to customize the loco before running it outside on the track, can I setup maybe a single track with one turnout (for programming)? do the tracks have to be connected at each end? (closed circuit)? :confused: :confused:

    thanks alot!
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    No one has any feedback? :(
  3. N Gauger

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    Sorry - I missed this when you first posted :(

    I know Digitrax does all that - but never installed them - just ran them :) :)
  4. Diezel

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    Ok, cool. As in, their one decore chip does that? or I have to get a seperate sound chip?

  5. rksstl

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    You can also check out soundtraxx. They have decoders that can handle sound & control their DSD line or sound only DSX line.

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