FW26B My 1st F1 Model!

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by goodduck, Oct 7, 2010.

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    This is the Williams FW26B offer by METMANIA. Originally, it was a 12" kit designed to print on A4 paper. Being me, I like large scale model. I scaled it up to fit on A3 paper. The car goes from 12" to around 17.25". Too cool!

    This is my 1st F1 model ever. I came across METMANIA 's site well over a years ago. Not much of a F1 model fan, but do enjoy looking at his stuff very much. Finally, I download this FW26 and started building on and off about little over two months ago. The past couple days I was going full throttle, warp 10!

    Even it is a big model. It still got a a lots of small tiny parts to cut and glue. I can't see myself doing that stuff on a 1/24 scale. Anyway, I follow the instruction almost to the letter. But a few time I jumped ahead and that where I made some mistakes. Sometime I wish I did jump head to make parts easier to glue. And Some time I hold off gluing parts till later like in Part #1. It have you glue A-3 reinforcement box inside the nose cone. Don't, not yet! Wait till you finish all the front suspensions and deflectors in Part #2 and glued them in place first before you glue A-3 in. Cause if you follow the instructions in part #1. You may have problem firmly gluing the suspensions arm's taps inside the nose cone. After that, you can just push A-3 in the nose cone till it sit firmly inside. The biggest mistake I made is cutting two notch to the air induction's spine as instructions in Part #3 for two wings to be install in Part #6. The instructions is for building FW26 only, not for the FW26B that I'm building. FW26B don't have the two spine wings. My fault! I should have check with the FW26B pictures first. All and all. it is a awesome model. I love it. I'm now a F1 model fan! Learned a few thing from this FW26B. When I build the FW26, I will know what to look for and don't make the same mistake again.

    Enjoy the pictures.

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  2. desney

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    that was a great build allen! :thumb:

    had that kit way back, tried to build it but it's in my backburner ever since, your work makes me wanna try a second time around

    btw, what paper did you use?
  3. goodduck

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    Epson A3 matte. I also cover the paper with 4 coats of crystal clear before I start cutting. After I done build. I cover the model with two more coats. That didn't give me the high glass look, just semi glass that you seeing right now. Not that I'm looking for a glassy look. I just want to protect the model.

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