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Discussion in 'Modular Layout Forum' started by Lighthorseman, Jul 18, 2005.

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    Well, with the arrival of my K-27, the last straw has been broken with regard to getting the modular layout anywhere near completed for the September show here in the Edmonton area. It seems that the K just does not like the Peco turnouts, as they're a 24 inch radius. Also, these turnouts are the power-routing type, a huge PITA for those of us using DCC. All my locomotives stop dead on them. Looks like the Peco turnouts all have to be torn ot to make way for wider (#6 at least, I think) non power-routing types. On top of that, there are a few S curves that throw the K-27 off the rails, so these have to be flattened out, requiring large sections of the layout to be either torn out, or altered.

    While disappointing, there is a lot of pressure removed by accepting the fact that I cannot make it for this year.
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    Too bad about the timelines, but at least you are being realistic by calling things early in the game, rather than rushing to get something done and either a) not liking hte result or b) not finishing anyway... :(

    I have been trying to get my modules done. I hope (and plan) for Jan 2006 that I will have at least two of the four/five done for the modular rally...

    The new Pecos in HO are non-power routing and much more DCC friendly than the older ones. What are you using for On30?

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    An interesting problem Steve. It is amazing what we find out. I use N scale peco turnouts with my DCC system and don't have the stalling issue. Are HO peco that different from the N ones? I can see that a large loco needs the #6 or better turnout.
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    Sorry to hear it...

    Hi Steve,

    One of the local guys got a K-27. So far, he hasn't had a chance to run it on anything but a test track.

    They require a 26" minimum radius. Which is really different for us On30 guys who are used to having all of our RTR stuff capable of 18" radius (And even tighter.) :curse: :curse: :curse:

    You should be able to convert your turnouts so that they are DCC friendly without having to replace them.

    And, the K-27 can be restricted to the mainline (Straight leg of the turnout). Or restrict the speed through the turnout. From what I have heard, they can be coaxed through some rough track if you take it easy...

    Also, go over the turnout with a gauge to make sure that everything is okey.

    You might be able to salvage things.

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