Frog it , so I did

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    New Niagara Museum?? I've been locked in the basement too long!:D That may be the one for which Jim Ellis has done some models. He lives not too far from me, although we've not met: I don't like to be too much of a pest, except maybe here. His layout was featured in RMC a couple of years back, and he does some really nice work. I built a house and barn for the Erland Lee Museum, home of the first Women's Institute, in Stoney Creek. They have a representation of the radial line that ran between Hamilton and Beamsville: the layout is in the basement of the Museum and at present is using the Bachmann trolleys as motive power.
    I was fortunate that the prototype was available to take measurements: it's the former Nash residence, which sits now in Battlefield Park in Stoney Creek, after being moved from its former site west of there.

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    Thanks for that info Wayne, The gang and I must one day seek it out.
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    The one with the pole under the frog is a scratch built model of the Grand River R/R interurban, which ment it was a early intercity electric railway.
    Check out the web for Electrics of Southern Ontario. here
    The orange car is a box motor, they again did interurban work but picked up freight at several stops.
    The imbetween motive power was called a combine that moved passenger and freight in the same car.

    Street cars mainly served the city streets.

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