Friday's rail car..

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    at the plant in Clarksville :)

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  2. 60103

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    Did the vandal leave the panels under the car number alone or did someone have to re-paint them?
  3. shaygetz

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    If you look close enough you'll see that, yes, some poor yard monkey had to go out and restencil it. The yellows don't match and neither do the stencils. The quandry is that, yes, it is vandalism but it makes for a facinating study in weathering... (sigh)
  4. Russ Bellinis

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    The colors won't match because the original paint on the boxcar is old and faded, but the new panels and stencils are new paint. The railroads really don't care that much about freight car as long as they do the job and mandated reporting marks, etc. are clearly visible. At the rail seminar I attended at work a couple of years ago, one of the guys asked the rep from BNSF how often they washed freight cars. His response was the inside is washed on a reefer as often as needed to keep the car clean for transport of food items. The outside is never washed unless the car needs repair. Freight cars are there to make money not look good. The biggest concern the railroads have with that kind of vandelism is that being around trains is dangerous. The railroad industry has one of the highest mortality rates of any industry, and that is from mistakes by trained people. They would really rather not have vandals killed on railroad property. The other problem if course is when vandals cover up required stenciled information, the railroad has to pay someone to repaint a panel and restencil before they can use the car again.
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    Friday Taged


    I pulled the "Art work" off your picture and one I took. I will atempt to make inkjet
    decal from them. I am thinking of collecting them and putting them all in one file when I get the time. Maybe we should start a collection on the Gage? :)

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  6. silver

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    Nice file conversion. I would be interested in seeing a nice collection of these along with the photos of the cars they are from for modeling purposes. Sure put your files up here in one topic to collect and share them.

    It is my understanding that many of the older graffitti sprayers know about spraying over the reporting marks and accually will spray around them often to make sure the graffitti stays up as long as possible.
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    Joe, I'd be interested in one of those sheets when you were finished, should you go thru with it.
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    A couple of years ago, MR ran a pic of a tank car that had been totally repainted by a vandal(Artist?) of a under sea scene with whales, dolphins and other ocean lifeform(I think Micro-Scale did a decal). The thing that caught my eye was that the vandal incorporated the reporting marks in with the painting.
    Another thing I was wondering was...Where was security? It was quite an extensive painting.
  9. Joepomp

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    krug hopper

    Here is the picture I took of the hopper, with the "Artwork"
    This was NJ Transit train near Rt 17 in Hasbrouck Hts. NJ. :wave:
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    Railroads generally have security on their own property. By nature freight cars are loaded and unloaded on property other than railroad property. The railroads will have security on their property when possible, but off railroad property security is the responsibility of the property owner or leasee.
  11. that would be a cool idea with the decal part of it:thumb:
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    How about this as a new thread for those that want to put decals on theyr cars
    Here is my offering for a graph car :curse: this one they did cover the reporting marks

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    If I was voted Dictator-for-Life, it would be open season, no limit for "Taggers". And I'd MAKE the railroads clean and repaint the cars ASAP.

    *grumble* I hate taggers....

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