French Train Sets Rail Record 357.2 Mph

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- International' started by N Gauger, Apr 3, 2007.

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  2. MasonJar

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    I heard about this on the radio this morning...! Very :cool:. They are only ~15 km/h off the all time record, set by the mag-lev train in Japan! :eek:

  3. LoudMusic

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    From the article ...

    I think that's one of the coolest things in there. I'd love to start seeing highspeed rail on our half of globe.
  4. MadHatter

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    jawdrop Jeepers creepers, they just keep breaking the record, soon they will be competition for planes!!sign1
  5. nolatron

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  6. sidetracked

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    I heard a good one today on the radio,,,,, "No mater how fast it goes, they are still in France"....... Still pretty cool
  7. Meiriongwril

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    Is this some typical american anti-french racist remarks...? :curse:
    Pretty much wrong about Iraq, weren't they (I don't think):D

    PS you can't spell 'matter'
  8. bigsteel

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    they should make an HO scal eone and run it at scale speed!really cool though.--josh
  9. ross31r

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    Only problem with the french record attempt - they cheated.

    The unit had bigger than standard wheels to increase the gearing, it was significantly shorter than a standard trainset, it was made up only of powered cars and had uprated traction motors.

    Other than that i was arranged as a demonstration of how fast service trains could go on new lines. SNCF are planning to have trains "cruise" at 220mph on TGV lines in future rather than the current 186mph
  10. steamhead

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    Talking about trains & airlines...Saw a news clip yesterday saying just that. Seems like folks are getting tired of getting on planes and departing late and arriving late. The northeast corridor railway has seen a boom in business. Cheaper, departs on time, arrives on time and you can use cell phones laptops, etc.
    They should do this in other areas.
  11. steamhead

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    Another note....There's always someone eager to take a shot at the French. I just figure if it hadn't been for French military and diplomatic aid during the Revolutionary war, we might still be part of the UK....
  12. 60103

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    Yes, blame that on them too!
  13. sumpter250

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    357.2 MPH ! that's 523.8933 feet per second! in HO, that's 6.021 feet (actual) per second !!!! talk about needing forty acres to turn this rig around! I don't think the Athearn hustler was capable of six feet per second!
    How about a dummy F7, with an Estes rocket motor attached! :mrgreen:

    BTW: that's 10.9144'/sec in O scale. That'd give Lionel a run for its money!
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :twisted: :twisted: :mrgreen:
  14. steamhead

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    Sorry David....Didn't mean to step on any UK toes....

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