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    Hi All
    I was surfing and looking for info on a French AS gunboat from the 1st WW named La Tapageuse and found a French website that has plans of many French Navy ships from the 1880's to 1960. Christmas came early and I have gotten alot of interesting material from this site. Apparently these are scans of the warships plans,some are incomplete but there is alot of material here
    and for free. It's a shame that the National Archives couldn't do this also.
    here's a link to the site:


    on the right side of the page click on the script:
    Les plans des batiments de la Marine

    the pdf's are descriptions of the files, the center files are the plans and photos if available are on the right side.

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    Great site :)

    I just downloaded Bearn, Clemenceau and Foch.

    Thanks a lot
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