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    as you all know i'm building a freight station from wood. to simulate the brick walls, I've printed a "brick sheet" if you know what i mean. it does teh effect i want, but it looks very unreal. what can I do to make it look more real, and less paper?

    I saw a thread that someone made a scratch build shop, used printed paper to the the bricks... I search for oit, but i couldn't find it.

    Can you guys help? please?

    thanks for your time.
  2. t. alexander

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    Luis, do you mean by less paper is there an alternative to using the paper? Holgate & Reynolds makes an embossed brick styrene sheet designed for what your doing. Cut it to the size needed and glue it on.

    If your asking how to make the printed paper more realistic I can only tell you what I would try. They both would be totally tedious.
    If the bricks on the print are all the same color try painting induvidual ones using different colors. Look at real brick buildings and you'll notice subtle and not so subtle differences in bricks that make up a wall.

    Another insane idea would be to give the print an actual 3-d effect by using a tool to press around each brick on the morter lines after it was glued to the wood.

    Since I've never used printed brick I have no clue whether this will help you or not. It may be worth trying on some scraps untill somebody else gives you better suggestions.

  3. Cactus

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    Search this site for "bricks"

    You'll find it.
  4. alkcnw

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    Xaniel, Walthers also makes a styrine brick sheet that can be cut to size!:eek:

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