Free web hosting coming to an end.

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Matthyro, Nov 3, 2001.

  1. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    I have been advised by Bravenet that the end of free web hosting is coming.
    Here is the dialog I have had with them.
    Bravenet Support [Steve] November 02, 2001 [07:11:00]
    Crosswinds has placed restrictions on email and other services in the last 60 days and plan more, Geocities is going pay, Angelfire is also planning on going pay, Tripod is almost broke and ready to pack it in, FortuneCity (who used to own part of Bravenet) is about 6 weeks away from bankruptcy. Free services are falling off the web at an ever increasing rate.

    FTP is being reserved for pay accounts since pay accounts directly cover the cost of the bandwidth they use, free accounts do not.

    Member [Robin Matthysen] November 02, 2001 [04:11:02]
    I think you are wrong when you say the days of free hosting are coming to an end. Only a few like you and Homestead. Ocatch is similar to your effort. Why are you disalowing ftp programs from updating my web site? I know I can do it through file manager but I am just used to ftp use.

    Bravenet Support [Steve] November 02, 2001 [10:11:48]
    The day of free hosting is quickly coming to an end.. however, WE still offer free hosting, the only change is the file limits.

    Member [Robin Matthysen] November 01, 2001 [08:11:19]
    Those of us that have a web site just to support a hobby or personal interest do not wish to pay to have our website hosted. Myself included. You are going in the same direction as Homestead and how long will you provide the limited free hosting? Homestead did that earlier and now they have locked all free sites so no updates or changes can be made. I know that Tripod, Angelfire,Crosswind, Geocities, Fortunecity to name a few that offer very good free hosting. I came to Bravenet because of the help you provide to web authors. Now you are resricting me. I will not pay for web hosting nor do I want to go through the bother of moving my site again. It has moved 4 times since inception not through any fault of mine. I will not move it again so will see what cause and effect you restrictions will have on it. Over 30000 hits has given you some free advertising through your toppers etc. Oh well, enough griping. I know what I have to say will make no difference to your decisions.

    Under these circumstances, my web site will come to an end. Any thoughts on this topic?
  2. kf4jqd

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    I use Geocities for my website hosting. It's FREE!!! It's sponsored by Yahoo. If you alrady have an email or IM account with Yahoo. You are ready to go. Most of the tools you will need , they have. It's easy to use! You are allowed only 10MB for a site. However I have 20MB because I have 2 accounts! Here's what i have done. Good luck.

  3. justind

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    don't mind paying

    I don't mind paying for a host, the only conditions...more than 10mb's of space and NO BANNERS!!! I am using Qwest for inet access right now and I think they have given me a little space so I may move my site to their servers...
  4. Woodie

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    ISP Webspace

    Australian ISP's give you webspace as part of the overall home internet package. You usually get 10MEG free with any excess charged for. Plus a homepage addy. http:ISPname/~xxxxx plus all the tools to load it up. I don't know of an ISP that doesn't provide with at least 10 MEG webspace for free for your own use. Is this not the usual practice around the world?

    I'm on unlimited download/connect time for $24.95 AUS ($12 US) per month. However local calls are charged here (25c) each time you dial up. The UK would be worse with timed local calls.
  5. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    The first ISP I had provided 10mg free for web use but then they quit that and went for business sites only. They have since gone belly up. My current ISP is here in Georgetown and they only offer professional web sites for a hefty fee. I guess we are fortunate in that we do not pay for each local call but are billed $23. a month for phone service.
    It costs me $19.00 a month for my ISP service.
    I am looking at a number of free web hosting sites and will make a choice sometime I guess.

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