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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by zot, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. zot

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    Although this may be a little late to be of use right now, I thought I would share a possible source of free cardboard. I was at a local discount store and notice a cart full of red and pink cardboard display backing from the greeting card section that was being taken down after Valentine's day. I asked about it's fate and the card vendor told me it was headed for the trash. I explained to her about my hobby and my need for cardboard and she told me I could take what I wanted. It's about .5mm thick and most sheets were 100% usable with no creases or tears. As long as you don't mind pink formers the price is definately right. I probably ended up with about 50 pieces so it shouild last for a few projects. I guess I need to be there the day after Easter too.
  2. cgutzmer

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    Thats a great idea! nothing wrong with pink :) I am willing to put money on it that if you asked the shop manager to keep them they would hold on to them for ya :)
  3. lehcyfer

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    I had a lot of luck with printing houses - just call and ask if you can sort through their waste for some card for paper models. I even gave a funny simple toy model to the guy that said I can, for his kid, and he was even calling me when there was some nice stuff for me in the waste.
    I've got tons of card in varying thickness, size, texture and color, some sheets of plastic and aluminum used in printing.

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