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    hello all, just curious if any one has had success with a scratch built freddy. ive been trying to make one for the last two months and then finally i figured something out. my friend came over with a hat he got from work that had all these flashing lights to light up the logo.well it turns out that there was a battery pack connected to a really small mother boardwhich then went out to five different led lights. 1green,3white, and one red.then connected to the leds were strands of fiber optic cables.BINGO my freddy was well on its way to becoming an actual thing instead of just an cameras not workin right now but when it does ill post all the step by step pics.
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    announce1 You can build our own circuit for a fred. How ever I stopped doing so when I found out about Go down until you see Fred's/Signals and the fred will be right there in the very top row left side. These thing's are great! They are perfect. Most fred's home built are way to intense to bright) and either flash to slow, to fast, long or not long enough. Now you can go here for a circuit that is made specifically for this.

    Of course they also supply Sunrise's FRED's in a complete kit. To me they are WELL worth the cost. I did have to replace one though do to a train that slammed into the back of mine at a show when better than half of my 80 car train uncoupled.:curse: The wire's are delicate to the FRED itself so care does need to be taken. It doesn't get anymore prototype than this. :thumb:
    These do flash at a prototype rate and light intensity. Hope this helps.

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