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    Hey Kids,

    The Upper Canada & Algonquin Railway is planning a major expansion.

    This weekend, we are having a Maintenance of Way work session in preparation for the Third Annual Ontario Narrow Gauge Show in Schomberg on April 12, 2008:
    Narrow Gauge Show 2008

    We plan to cut a batch of interface plates to have them available to folks who are interested in building some Free-MOn30 modules:
    Free-MOn30 St@nd@rds

    We are also going to have some Anderson PowerPole electrical connectors available:
    30 Amp Red/Black Anderson Powerpole Sets

    We may also frame up a couple of basic link modules and have them available if anyone is interested.

    A Frame-up is a basic link module that is ready to receive track and scenery.

    Please indicate your interest so that we can prepare something for you.

    The price [not yet determined] will be to cover materials, plus a small deposit.

    The deposit will be refunded if you bring a scenic'd and operational module to the CARM Convention Train Show:
    Canadian Association of Railway Modellers
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    Sunday March 2, 2008 was a very busy day for a pair of the UC&A Founders.

    Captian Rob should have been busy with pencil and rule, creating the blueprints for the mine while Lynn and I spent the day generating sawdust and consuming beer. :)

    We cut a couple-dozen Interface Plates from the remaining G2S Birch Plywood.

    There's now a good supply of flats and hillsides. The IP's can be cut a little more for creating the Water-side profiles.

    In the afternoon, we framed up a simple link module ~45-inches long that bulges to ~16-inches wide in the middle.

    It is "Straightish and Flatish".

    It has a single through track, but with a slight modification to the roadbed, a small stub siding could be added.

    Now that it is framed up, is there anyone out there that is interested in laying track and scenicing it up for the CARM convention?

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