Four Crew dead in head-on collision on IC in Miss.

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  1. nolatron

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    Saw this this morning on a mailing list:


    BENTONIA, Miss. ˆ Four crew members of two Illinois Central Railroad
    freight trains are reported dead following a head-on collision
    northeast of here around 4:15 a.m. July 10 near Anding in Yazoo
    County, northeast of Bentonia.

    The National Transportation Safety Board is dispatching an
    investigator and the UTU Transportation Safety Team will provide the
    NTSB with assistance. The investigation likely will be hampered by
    heavy rain and wind from Hurricane Dennis.

    An unknown number of railcars derailed and at least one railcar
    caught fire due to leaking vegetable oil and the fire has been

    One train had 117 cars and three locomotives; a second train had 137
    cars and four locomotives.

    Identification of the dead crew members is being withheld pending
    notification of their families.

    IC is part of CN North America.


    Stories can be found here: collision
  2. siderod

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    I was under the impression that only one crew member was dead, and that the other 3 were in serious though stable condition.

  3. brakie

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    When I was railroadin' for a livin' one of my worst fears was a head on or rear end wreck..However,like all railroaders I knew the risks involved.
    It is always sad when death rides the rails. :(

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