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    Went to the Prarie Lakes meet this Sat and on the trip down we found these sitting out in the middle of no where I apoligize for not getting better pics but on one side they were bordered by trees on the other they were on private property.

    The two singels I am told where kept for parts cars the other side of the tracks at the back was a car that was converted to a power unit for the train.

    Long and messed up story about how these came to be here but I will spare you unless you would like me to tell let me know!

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    As the Sheriff of Rockridge once said, "Do tell...Do tell..."

    Can't leave us hanging.
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    Ok from what I understand the CNW abandoned this part in the eightys then some af the area towns got together and decided they wanted to keep it running for a couple of elevators in the area to use so they held it for a while till a guy got ahold of them and talked them into selling it to him as he wanted to buy it and make a excursion train as well as the grain hauling he kept that up actully inviting the region NMRA group on a excursion trip or two they would ask when he was going to hook into the UP line and do the grain hauling He gives the well they want to do this or I cant get them to give me a anwser of where we are gonna do this and that he drug his feet a couple of years then one fine day somone relizes that the tracks are disapering come to find out he has started pulling up the tracks and scraping them.
    When the poop started hitting the fan about that he all of a sudden disapears with the money having sold all the equipment that they had purchased together "everything gone"
    That is the closest I can rember since I was half asleep when we came apon it and he was telling me about the story but I will get the whole story on wendsday at the metting and give you the big scoop.
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    Sounds like a conspiracy! write it up as an offical article, get some professional photos taken, and maybe you could have it published in TRAINS, or at least RAILROAD & RAILFAN !
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    Who_dat - I remember seeing those passenger cars as well as a few more about 5 years ago while traveling from Clarinda Iowa ( home of glenn miller ) on a road headed for rt 80. Im not sure if this is where you where. I dont right fully remember the road number, but it wasnt far from RT80.. Very impressive graveyard when I passed throught there.

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