Forney Bash To Saddle Tank

Discussion in 'On30 Forum' started by Quarryman, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    Hi Joe,

    Not sure how to do that??? Might be best to run it by a Zealot "moderator".

    Doc Tom
  2. mick

    mick Member

    hi like your work with the tender. Has given me ideas with two unpowered bogies I have lying around. What type of springs did u use for the drive?
  3. Quarryman

    Quarryman Member

    Hi Mick.:thumb:

    The Bogie came out of a Roco Swiss electric type Loco.

    The spring was part of that drive set up. The short can motor is

    out of an old C.D. Rom drive, old DVD players have the same motors

    in them, they are very good for Loco drives.

    Cheers, Joe.:wave:
  4. mick

    mick Member

    thanks for the feed back.I didn't think of using old cd rom drives for motors. do they have much torque?
  5. Quarryman

    Quarryman Member

    Hi Mick,

    Yes, plenty, otherwise I would'nt use 'em.
    Just be careful, some you can't reverse, they burn up.
    Just run in both directions for a while before you install it.
    If it does'nt get hot you're O.K.

  6. mick

    mick Member

    thanks Quarryman I got a few old cd drives under the house i might play with
  7. Quarryman

    Quarryman Member

    Hey Mick, let me know how you go with it.

    Cheers, Joe.
  8. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    Australian modelers are good!!

    Hey Joe and Mick,

    Have you guys seen the latest creation from your fellow country man Geoff Knott. Its called Charging Moose Mining Company and you can see "piccies" at It is very nicely done.

    As Southerner here in the USA I loved the Muskrat Ramble Geoff helped build in On30.

    Have you guys seen these neat models in person??? Is it part of the Australian modeling scene to work on a project for 1-2 years and then start over again on another???? This is different than the USA way of building a monster layout for 15-20 years.

    Enjoying the dialogue with the other side of the world and upside down too.

    Doc Tom:thumb:
  9. Quarryman

    Quarryman Member

    Hi Tom :wave:

    Yeah, I've seen Geoff's work on line and in the model press.
    Very nice work indeed. :thumb::thumb::thumb:

    I would say Layouts are smaller and don't seem to last as long as the U.S.
    Layouts. Variety is the spice of life sign1

    :wave::wave: Joe.
  10. kennyrach

    kennyrach Member

    very nice work going on here .where you get the shell from
  11. Quarryman

    Quarryman Member

    Read the Thread !!!!wall1wall1
  12. anubis51

    anubis51 Little Loco

    Hi Quarryman,

    I love what you have done to the old Forney....your work is an inspiration. The tender is brilliant, and your pix are great too!

    I had similar trouble with my Forney (Kate) on my layout. That BIG backside just trended to wipe following wagons off the rails in tight radius curves.

    Running her backwards was a marginal improvement, due to less lateral swing, but what was really needed was a conversion to a 2-4-0 with tender.

    I achieved this with a Backwoods Miniatures kit, and now, I am happy to report......Kate is finally a lady!!

    Also much more suited to my petite mining layout.

    But, one must ask oneself, is she still a Forney??? :?:

  13. Quarryman

    Quarryman Member

    Hi Anubis51.
    That is the whole point of the exersize.... IT'S NOT A FORNEY!!
    Forneys are a dime a dozen out there. I wanted something different that you
    don't see on every Layout.
    How about some Pics. of your Bash?

    Cheers, Joe.
  14. anubis51

    anubis51 Little Loco

    Hi Quarryman.

    Sorry mate, I wasn't asking about your conversion - of course, your saddle tank is no longer a Forney!

    I was asking the question about my simple little conversion. :oops:

    After all, as far as I know, Forneys were built in either 0-4-4 or 2-4-4 configurations, so removing the fuel bunker (and that BIG backside) and replacing it with a small tender would make it no longer of Forney wheel layout, even though the 'up front' bit remains the same.

    I will post a pic, but my work is nowhere near your standards.....:cry:


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  15. Quarryman

    Quarryman Member

    That is very NICE !!!!
    would love to see more pics of your Layout.
    How about starting a Thread showing what you've done.

    Cheers, Joe.
  16. TonyO

    TonyO New Member

    WOW! what an excellent mod. to the Forney. I have 1 and it behaved very badly on tight radii, so I mainly ran it in reverse, I considered changing it to a 2-4-0 and lopping off the tender, but wouldn't you know it, I have the wrong version with the wood cab. It is behaving a lot better now, maybe it is run in.
  17. TonyO

    TonyO New Member

    Hey Anubis51, you have the same cab in your ex-Forney as I have, you have done a very neat extension of the cab. I was in touch with Backwoods and they told me that the conversion required the steel cab with the doors set back further. Well Done! Do you by any chance have any pics of your cab mod please?
  18. anubis51

    anubis51 Little Loco

    Hi Tony,

    I purchased the Forney conversion kit from Backwoods Miniatures and it wasn't until it arrived that I realised that it was not designed to suit my wooden cab. :curse:

    I didn't want to send it back to UK, and not wishing to see it go to waste, I just thought "Why not?" and proceeded to cut my Forney (Kate) up as per the instructions.

    The job was quite straightforward, even for a bloke like me, with ten thumbs. When it came to the cab, I just removed the grab rails and the doors, and carefully cut the rear wall sections away with a razor saw.

    The two rear side sections were then moved forwards to where the doors had been, and a little bit of sanding and filling hid the join.

    I'm afraid that I can't supply any pics of the cab mods. as it never occurred to me to take any. :cry:

    Kate's rear fuel bunker and its wheel set sat in my junk box for a few weeks before I tarted them up, and used them as a short tender for my Mogul, which now fits on my small turntable beautifully! :yep:

    Kate was a lovely smooth runner before the mods, but was not especially good at sharp radii, or any dips in the track, which would usually result in the driving wheels spinning in thin air.......but since the mods, she looks great, runs like a Swiss watch, and handles all my sharp curves (15" and less) with ease.

    It has made a Lady out of Forney Kate.......:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

    Apart from the new tender, and cab mods, the loco is pretty much standard Forney.

    Here's another shot from the fireman's side......

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