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    what is the formula for changing O scale to N scale. If I have a drawing in O
    scale, and I measure it with a O scale ruler and it is 30 ft, can I take my N scale ruler and measure it to 30 ft.:confused:
  2. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    That is the easiest way to change the scale (no matter what scale) to any other. If it is 30 real feet long, it is also 30 O scale feet, or 30 N scale feet or whatever.

    If you need to change the scale of a drawing, you can calculate approximately how much by comparing the scales.

    Reducing O scale (1:48 ) to N (1:160), use 30% (48/160 * 100)
    Enlarging N to O, use 333% (160/48 * 100)

    And so on.

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    Thanks masonjar
    I see you are from Ottawa Canada. I live 30 miles from Ottawa on the Que side (Luskville). I am in Ottawa alot, also I am a member of the Ottawa valley N-Trak club. Now I am in Florida for 3 months to get away from those cold Canadian winters. If you go to logging under willy4 you will see one of scrachbuilt models, a Lombard Tractor. I read about so many formulas that I just wanted to reasure myself.
    Thank you

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