For those who are facing tough times....

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    I agree it definitely is!
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    They disabled the add, "due to copyright infringement", I pray to God, in Christ's and the Holy spirit's name. Works for me. :)


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    When I seen that at half-time I thought he was going to say that he was running for President. He would have my vote!!
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    Definitely an inspiring commercial; managed to send out a beautiful message without looking sappy or commercialized, and there's Clint Freaking Eastwood in it!

    Although I generally watch superbowl commercials for the funny, witty, and quirky ones, this particular ad definitely takes the cake. :thumb:
  7. Zathros

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    Love the AD, Love the message. Chrysler is a lying bunch of thieves who produce their cars in other countries and sell or assemble them here. Subaru has a plant in Indiana that makes virtually the whole cars there. Toyota has various plants that have more domestic product, as does Honda. Corporations are owned by the stockholders of many nationalities and creeds. This commercial was corporate propaganda of the worst kind. My respect for Clint Eastwood just went down.

    This kind of feel good bull is unfortunately what too many people fall for. Clint Eastwood, and his Hollywood cronies are the ones behind some of the most Draconian Internet censorship laws. They have the whole government working on laws that benefit 1% of society while the rest of us do not have jobs and are watching our roads and infrastructure fall apart. Take a good look at those Chrysler commercials, notice the angles the cameras use, they don't want to show you the decrepit state of the "Motor City", which unfortunately has spread from city to city within this country.

    Enough Rhetoric. Brazil charges 33% import tariff on EVERYTHING that is imported into that country. That inspires companies to produce there. Sure, Brazilians don't get some products that the rest of the world gets as readily as we do, but Brazil does not have the manufacturing capability of the U.S.. Also, most of the patents these companies use are owned by so called American companies. Brazil has an excess of energy too!! They export energy, build cars that run on alcohol too. They grow the sugar cane to produce it.

    Apple is the best example of a dirty company that produces it's products in countries and factories where people commit suicide all to sell their products at still outrageous profits and pocket it. An American company that benefits America, very little.

    I have a little trouble listening to diatribe by the Filthy rich, who caused (not saying Clint Eastwood per se) the problems this country had by allowing Political Action Groups to turn corporations into legal entities with the same rights as individuals, but without the loyalty. That started in the late 1980's, just about when things started to go sour. More than a coincidence. The next wars will be continued by corporations lobbying for them, remember Halliburton?

    Thanks for the link Amorman, I haven't seen such a crock of sh*t in a long time.

    Warren Buffet made more sense, tax all the rich at at least 30%. Freeze their assets and if the don't invest in this country, tax their wealth and kick them out. Foreigners invest in America because of the strong America work ethic. Honda exports Accords to Japan!! What Clint forgets to mention is the Rich management that drove all these companies into the ground. Take an American Icon and load him up with meaningless propaganda. What a joke. I have seen the enemy, it is us. Strictly my own opinion. Opinions in agreement or dissent are more than welcome, just keep it nice, or I lock the thread. :)


    Ok, Zathros, why was it necessary to derail the purpose of this thread?
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    I decide if the thread is derailed and it isn't. Nothing I said was false. I don't like corporations pulling at heart strings especially after taking Billions of tax dollars and paying them back with money they made from those same grants by buying government bonds at 0% and selling them at 4%. This is all a lie and deceit. Your opinion is just that, as is mine, just opinion. That was a commercial, Clint Eastwood is an actor. He was a paid actor for this spot, even if he is giving the money away, he still gets a tax deduction. Reality check here:

    I found it necessary because if someone is going to make a post like this when it is self evident that there is a big problem in this country and this "commercial" offered nothing, made no illusions as who caused the problem, who "they" were, then it is going to be addressed, by me. That is my right, and I exercise it. Just like you were allowed too. You made the post and voiced your opinion. Do not disparage those who do not agree with you, directly or otherwise.

    I did not think it was a good commercial and I did not think it was justified.

    If Clint, one of my favorite all time actors, did that one his own dime, different story, I would attack it for the other reasons it was off, however, being sponsored by Chrysler, it's a joke. It's misleading. It was a commercial, buy a Chrysler and put an American back to work. By a Chrysler, and send your money overseas. I'm sorry, but first, of I did NOT derail this thread, I voiced my opinion.

    You can make a post, voice your opinion, but to state the purpose of the thread is your opinion, to state someone has violated is a NO GO!

    Post an opinion about what I said, don't dare reprimand me for stating my opinion.

    I personally am sick of Hollywood types making political statements. They are just actors. That commercial seemed to lay the blame at some other shores, when the problem was created by U.S..

    Clint Eastwood was an avid opponent to the automobile bailouts. There would be no GM, no Chrysler, and Ford would have had to cease production because the infrastructure for automobile production would have ceased in this country. This has been stated by all foreign companies that produce cars in this country, i.e. Subaru,Honda,, Mercedes Benz, etc. Clint East, now a self described Libertarian,, says he has not changed his opinion. So why was he plugging a car that is owed 58% by Fiat Of course, Clint says he is not keeping any of the millions paid to him, I believe him. That gives pause to thought though, imagine being so wealthy, you can "not take Millions" owed you. I see a great disconnect there. American production was sold to the cheapest bidder, and you and I did not make a dime off of it, but we are paying for it. Enough with the "Feel Good" deceptions. How many people here have 401K's that will be large enough to retire on. How many people here have any type of retirement plan? It was just a football game that generated a massive amount of money paid to a relatively small group of people who don't give a damned about you or me. Again, just me expressing my opinion, with the right too..

    For the month of November 2011

    Year To Date
    Deficit in Deficit in
    Millions Millions
    Country Name of U.S. $ of U.S. $

    China -26,871.59 -272,321.34
    Japan -6,207.18 -56,101.70
    Mexico -5,514.12 -60,616.01
    Germany -4,656.40 -44,436.23
    Saudi Arabia -3,067.96 -30,059.36
    Canada -2,976.63 -31,869.54
    Ireland -2,808.65 -28,768.55
    Russia -2,510.94 -24,202.22
    Nigeria -2,307.35 -27,586.36
    Venezuela -1,914.39 -28,855.80

    Chrysler, Produced primarily in Mexico and Canada and assembled here.

    If the next posts are disparaging anyone for their opinions, the thread will be locked. If you like the Clint Eastwood Video, great, say so, that's fine, aside from the realities of our present economic realities, I always like Clint, he is a great actor. If you wish to offer any opinion on the commercial spot, feel free to, even if it is contrary to anyone else's. No problem there. :)


    Purpose of the thread: to encourage people going through tough times. Not a political discussion.
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    People are going through rough times because of the political situation. The two cannot be separated. The statement made in the clip was a political statement. That was why it elicited a political response.

    If you wanted to post a Cross and ask people to pray through these difficult times, It wouldn't bother me in the least bit. That hypocritical spot did, and if you look on the 'net today, it appears I am not the only one.

    You intent was that the thread link people to a video to help encourage them through tough times. Nothing wrong with that. This would have served your intended purpose. What the thread does is entirely out of your control, and mine, to some extent. If people start talking about why they are in the situation they are in, is considered to be a political discussion, and you take umbrage to that, then you should not have posted a link to a propagandist political video. This sentiment is held by many many news bureau's, political parties left and right by the way. Google it, and see the backlash it has caused. I was unaware of the extent of it, till I saw this post and Googled it for myself.

    Ok, Zathros, why was it necessary to derail the purpose of this thread?

    I answered your question, most thoroughly. It is only fair to let others, who may wish to do so. I will not block posts which are made in a decent and respectful manner, just because they did not serve the purpose of someone else. That is done often in another forum and it will not happen here. My respect for you runs very deep. I would love for you to engage, not disengage. Just like you though, I am my own man. :)
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    I didn't see the super Bowl, or it's commercials, because I had to work. Super Bowl Sunday is our busiest day of the year.
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    *raises hand quietly*

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