foam vs balsa?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by zener, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. Yes, the blue and pink extruded polystyrene foams are pretty strong - the way their made has a self-skinning effect, which creates a structure akin to a honeycomb panel; don't try that last photo with the expanded polystyrene bead stuff - unless it's a foot thick!
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    I found my 2" foam (PINK - the strongest) at a commercial insulation supply company. It was worth the search. The 1" stuff (PINK) from HD is OK but I only use it for buildups/scenery. Its easier to get home for one thing! You'll love the 2" foam. With my supported base 1x3's I am able to crawl around on top of it! Good luck, Pat
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    I've recently decided to rip out about 85' of fixed, shelf-style benchwork and replace it with hollow core door "modules" to give me more flexibility -- a la "dominoes". A painful and costly decision, but ultimately worth it to me in terms of flexibility.
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    Hi,zener. Maybe the supply difficulty (as others have reported) is your location. Passed the pink 2" in 4'x8' at Lowes here(Pittsburgh,Pa area) Friday. Maybe try their website...your branch may be able to get it. Best of luck with your project...we're all here to help, if needed. Bob C.:wave:

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