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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Woodyncarlyle, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. Woodyncarlyle

    Woodyncarlyle New Member

    Before I go any further I need some advice on foam. I started our layout with a piece of 2" foam for underlay. I used the white bead type foam. Is this a huge mistake? I have already glued down my cork. I used this foam for only the base on top of my bench.. As far as mountains go I wouldn't use this foam for that unless told otherwise. Will send pics when cork is all laid.

    thank you
  2. who_dat73

    who_dat73 Member

    If you havn't gone to far you might want to turn back now the bead foam is nasty to cut as the beads go all over and then have static cling to anything it touches and if you try to hot knife cut it it has some nasty fumes to go with it.

    If its to late to turn back now you might be ok with flat land and doing the scenics in the building blue or pink foam but it your choice what you do.
    Good luck with the project tho keep us informed of what happens.
  3. ozzy

    ozzy Active Member

    well i guess if its only the base your ok, but i would not do it again, i just put down 1" pink for my base today., they make the pink in 2" if you want 2 " base, same with the blue
  4. Jim Krause

    Jim Krause Active Member

    I think you can live with the white foam as a base. As was mentioned above, "the cutting and forming are what causes problems.
  5. Will_annand

    Will_annand Active Member

    Foam is great for "terraforming" your landscape. The ONLY problem I found with the foam was I had laid my track and then picked up 14 Tortoise Switches. Mounting the Tortoises under 2" of foam proofed a problem, so I am replacing the foam in those sections with plywood. much easier to screw the Tortoises to plywood.

    I am cookie cutting the plywood and gluing/screwing it to the foam. That way I have the best of both worlds.
  6. Metro Red Line

    Metro Red Line New Member

    Pink/Blue foam also have static-clinging beads (though much smaller) and is much more toxic than white foam.
    The secret to cutting white foam is to use a steak knife and do rapid back-and-forth strokes, which results in a smoother cut and less beads. The beads come out when you cut slowly.
  7. Metro Red Line

    Metro Red Line New Member

    You can use white foam as a base, but make sure it's supported by plywood below it. It's not as rigid as pink/blue extruded foam.
  8. Metro Red Line

    Metro Red Line New Member

    This is what I did for installing Tortoises under foam (in this case a WS riser):

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