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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by deckape, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. deckape

    deckape Member

    Hello fellas I want to share this finished build on this forum to all you great modlers in here. This is a Fly model kit of the PBY Catalina Flying Boat scale 1:33 this is my second card kit build I would like to mention as quoted on papermodlers forum I would like to thank Mr. Ron Hall for makeing this kit possible a wonderfull man he is of great help to any novice who wants try his hand at card.

    As to the kit anyone who wants to give this kit a go you must have a couple good models in your sea bag this kit is not inteneded for the novice. this kit at the large scale itrenders alot of scratch building possibilitys, has no fit issues at all the only negative remarck I can see there are no kit parts for the 2 Pratt and Whitney Engines only their printed fronts that are cemented in backing. I came down to a decission to cheat I made my own engines. Also noted this is the second card kit other then the scratch ones i made that I displayed on this here forum that no painting was done. for the weathering details I used water based color pencils by scrapeing shaveings from the pencils adding a little water and airbrush the color soloution on the model and seal with acyrilic. I used 50 50 Areo gloss dope.

    Here are the finished attachments of this Beautifull flying boat of the past.

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  2. Gixergs

    Gixergs Well-Known Member

    Another great build Boats, I look forward to the next one:twisted:
  3. deckape

    deckape Member


    Thanks dear Sir I,m takeing as rest now getting rested up for the next build
  4. peter taft

    peter taft Senior Member

    Oh yes.... a very fine build and we all know what's coming next - so, Boats... let the guys over here out of their misery and spill the beans :twisted: and also have a few of these to add to your collection sir :goldcup::goldcup::goldcup::goldcup: :mrgreen: :thumb:
  5. deckape

    deckape Member

    Peter my New grandson thank you very much I am most certainly getting rested up for the big build. I have mu boson locker all cleaned up from all that paper on the deck fron my PBY I used my First mates vacume cleaner. Thats one good thing about card models the mess left over cleans up in a snap with a good vacume cleaner. It looks clean down here now. It wont for long. Thank you very much for the gold cups with all that gold I got my shelves will soon break from all that weight.

    Grand dad Boats
  6. Ron Hall

    Ron Hall New Member

    You have done old Dumbo Justice as well as the Fairy Swordfish. You are
    an inspiration to many in the paper model Forums. You keep them coming
    and I'll keep supplying them. As Larry the Cable Guy would say Git er done.
    Ron P.S. Happy 70th Birthday
  7. Harry Stroble

    Harry Stroble New Member

    Ron Nice to see older modlers building card stuff. Spent some time at N.A.S. Columbus in the 50's, being from Ohio I thought you might remember that one. I am new to ZEALOT but have found out that it is a great bunch, and will share every thing. Discovered card after bailing out of Raido Control. Have been a modeler for a long time.
  8. deckape

    deckape Member

    Thank you sir, Been going by the gangs orders take it easy and get some rest for the big build, I am honered as always dear sir so far i been down in the boson locker grabbing my collections and takeing some pictures posteing new threads, thank you as always sir
  9. Airborne82

    Airborne82 Member

    Great build, you certainly are a talented individual. Look forward to seeing the next one!

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