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    Hello All:

    Today we had a large rain storm. It flooded a part of the basement. Unfortunatly, it was in the area of the trainlayout. Nothing damage though! :D

    I was wondering is there any precautions I should take? Need some help on this one. :mad: :mad: :mad: Once pictures are develope. They will be post.

    HOT and Humid!! :cool: :eek:

  2. michael l

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    for the next time it floods(hopefully never)... on previous layouts my dad used to take outdoor sealer, like for your deck.. actually a substance called cuprinol from sherwin williams(much better than their thompsons line) and seal a portion of the legs with it... say up to a foot from the bottom of the leg...no damage to the wood could occur...

    after the water is gone get the dehumidifier running asap!

    good luck.

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