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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by fitter 539, Dec 31, 2002.

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    I am new to railroading and I am planing to make a 4x8 layout.I am interisted in freight operations and plan on including a powerplant with coal yard ,a oil refinery and a town.I would like to run two trains at once .Does any one have any layout ideas?Thanks fitter539 :)
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    I'm working in my first layout still, had some down time but that's a long story. Here's what I did in my search. First is scale. HO or N is gonna be what you want on a 4x8. I started HO and a 4x8 and it stretched to 4x10. N will get you a lot more but it is smaller. Then track design and benchwork. For track design hit some websites and look at what others have done. Go to a local or internet hobby store and get a couple track plan books. Go Atlas's website and get the computer based software to draw your track once you decide or create one. Benchwork, there are two main styles. One is have a sheet of plywood then cover it with a blue styrofoam board, like they use on sides of houses. The other is using 1x4's for elevation rise and decents. Just look through this sites posts and you'll see what I mean. There are a lot of great layouts here, lots are first timers and lots are Pro's that are great at helping us rookies out. Welcome to a great and very addictive hobby. (life)
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    Right on Track Fitter 539. Nice size layout for the first time. U can fit all those industries on a 4x8 and have a double track outer line. But u need to decide what Scale; N or HO for this size of layout???:)
  4. fitter 539

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    I plan on using ho scale ond having acess on alll sides.:) Thanks fitter539

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