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    OK KIDS!

    So there's some hard feelings going around. Somebody got a bruised ego and the rest of us have to pay for it, right?? W R O NG !!!!!!

    Let's get over it and past it all. Next Saturday, those of us close enough in the hemisphere (like me!) and wealthy enough from far away like Shamus and Woodie (hopefully) with what they called in the 80's a "DISPOSABLE INCOME" will attempt a mini-meet.

    GO TO THE CANADIAN NATIONAL column and see details.

    All the best, and put the kleenex away, it's not worth it...

    George. [​IMG]

    P.S. Don't tell Mum!

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    ...... Dont tempt me!!!! (got 300,000 freq flyer miles that have to be used!!) hmmmm.... Should I look at the details??? [​IMG]

  3. George

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    If it was a week long jamboree, I'd tell you to kick that koala off the jetway and get over here! [​IMG] One day deal not worth it for you, but you'll feel as if you were here when it's over!

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