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    In the case of the class A climax, I believe most were wood fired, and the wood was stored along side the boiler. As in Shamus' climax, the "gondola like" enclosure around the boiler is were the wood fuel was kept.
    I remember seeing a model of a class A, oil fired, where the oil tank was in front of the boiler, the water tank at the other end.
    With the two truck climaxes, wood was piled high on top of the water tank.
    I'll have to do some serious digging to come up wit a coal fired class A. I don't remember ever seeing one!
  2. Tyson Rayles

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    Pete by 2 truck are you referring to a 4 wheel class A???
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    Hi All,
    I think Pete is refering to the Class B and C Climaxes. I don't beleive there were any coal burning Climaxes. Not factory built anyway, many of them were altered by the owners though so there could have been. here is a great link with the most complete history and info on Climax locomotives.


    P.S. Shamus, this is the link I posted for you a while back. Don't think you got it though.
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    pcentral I have that link and several others, some of which clearly state that they burned coal, oil and wood. But that isn't my question. WHERE DID THEY CARRY THE FUEL??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I'm going to try to scratchbuild a n-scale standard gauge Climax that will (hopefully) actually run well. For visual interest as well as to hide the lead I need for weight mine is going to be a wood burner with the wood stacked on top of the water tank. However that didn't seem to be a common practice. It appears they just threw the wood inside the (or what passed for ) the cab. If that's the case they couldn't have been able to go very far before having to reload I would think. The Class B's & C's had tenders but they don't interest me as they look too much like a standard loco.
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    Hi Tyson,
    Sorry, I don't always proofread my posts before I send them. I meant to put that in the post. They carried the fuel inside the cab in all accounts I have read. I agree, they couldn't go far on one load. They must of had fuel sheds of some sort along the way or only ran short distances.

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    Thanks for the info Steve. :)

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