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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by jon-monon, Apr 13, 2003.

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    "Please note that the archives are no longer available. Neither the Narrow Gauge nor the Logging, Mining, & Industrial Annual will be available for download. We will continue to upload each magazine, but cost and space restrictions limit us to only the current issue. "

    Anyone get some or all of the archives pulled down and saved before they were taken down?
  2. "Uncle Russ" has almost every back issue of FR available for sale, Jon. You can build your own "archives" that way. He also has most issues of Outdoor Railroader (FR's predecesor) available. But he can't afford to give it all away anymore. The last couple of years have been very rocky for the magazine, and he's had to reposition its niche in the hobby to survive.

    About 3 years ago, there was some talk about "archiving" all of the back issues on CD-ROM for sale, but the idea fell through and I haven't heard anymore about it since then.

    If you are a subscriber, you get the 4 quarterly issues plus the Narrow Gauge Annual and the Logging/Mining Annual for $26 total. That's a pretty good deal, I think. :)
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    I'm glad he's got them indexed too, so I can figure out what to get :) I'm supprized it was ever free, and still is for the current issue.

    Now that I would really love to get ahold of. I have all the Linux Journal archives on CD and it was well worth every penny. I think it sold for about $30. Subscription comes with on-line access to same, but that gets expensive to operate. I wonder why he never came through with it, if he had them all on line, all the work was already done, 'cept for reproduction.

    I didn't realize that, Casey, and I am oh so glad you pointed it out. Else, I would have floundered through life buying both annuals at $15 ea as they come out at the LHS. I thought the $26 was just the quarterly issues. Beeeeeeg dummies don't always read the fine print ;p

    BTW: The frowny face was not for tha magazine, it was for me not downloading it all while I could :(

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